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Emerging Green Builders


As part of the design submission for the Emerging Green Builders Natural Talent Competition, the project focused on the question of how one might offset carbon footprint through the use of façade technologies. By focusing on food production, the project looked various ways of reducing the impact on the environment: What if we could farm produce in less space than we currently use? What if we could reduce the transportation distance? With 83% of US Citizens living in the city, what if we could produce food in the city? The result of the research was a hydroponic façade system that could be adapted to both new and existing buildings in the city. The hydroponic system creates reliable, efficient, locally grown food source, while providing the added benefit of insulation to the building in the summer. After harvesting, the sun’s light heats the building when it's needed in the winter. The skin is a reciprocal organism with the building that reacts and changes throughout the year to improve both the building and the city environments.


Washington, DC


Façade Reskinning





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