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At PARADIGM office we are designers and researchers who passionately believe everyone should have thoughtfully designed environments that nourish and sustain their lives. We do this by working across disciplines to manifest social change and re-envision the places we work, play, and gather in.

We believe that public interest design taps into our innate desire to create spaces that form healthy environments for our lives. Our job is to facilitate the manifestation of those needs and pass on the tools for empowerment through good design.


Mercedes Afshar founded PARADIGM office as an avenue for navigating the art of design. Her focus is to educate, inspire, and challenge the everyday mundane via architecture, design, and creative direction!

Upon earning her bachelors & masters degrees in architecture - Mercedes has been working on commercial, residential, retail and interior projects inside and outside of the United States. Her keen eye for form and splendor combined with a modern flair and upscale sophistication attribute to her unique style.


Michael Fischer co-founded PARADIGM office as a way to promote health and well being through design. He looks to take complex design problems and distill them into thoughtful simple solutions that are sophisticated, elegant and timeless.

Upon earning degrees in architecture - Michael has been working on commercial, residential, retail and educational projects inside and outside of the United States. His dedication to both form and space layered with natural light, subtle color palettes and textures lead to design solutions that are tranquil, unique and sophisticated.

Senior Project Architect

Sarah brings a skillful level of knowledge and experience to the Paradigm Office team. She values focus and care during the design process, in order to achieve a high quality constructed work.

Upon earning her Masters Degree in Architecture - Sarah has been working on commercial, residential, retail and educational projects with experience in all phases of the design and construction process. Her passion lies not only in conceptual development of a project, but also in the details; understanding how things go together. She brings the conceptual ideas to life!


Tara Mazloomi joined PARADIGM office fueled with an endless passion for design. With her instinctive eye for beauty and detail, her design style is authentic, sophisticated, and unlike the ordinary!

Upon earning her Masters Degree in Architecture as well as an advanced degree in Interior Design, Tara has been working on a variety of residential, commercial, and healthcare projects. With a focus on functional and creative design solutions she strives to create spaces that are timeless and that translate each client’s vision into reality.

Staff Architect

Lubna Amer joined PARADIGM office motivated by her passion for rethinking the built environment to create spaces that emphasize the importance of health and well-being of clients. With her emphasis on design functionality and her focus on detail, Lubna approaches every design challenge both from a conceptual and technical standpoint leading to the most creative and innovative solutions that meet the client needs.

Upon earning her bachelor’s degree in Architecture, Lubna has worked on educational, residential, and commercial projects. Her passion for architecture grows more with each and every design that positively impacts the world. Believing that Architecture represents how we see ourselves, as well as how we see the world, she thrives to create designs that are functional and promote health and well being.

Staff Architect

Ramil Lacsa joined PARADIGM office driven with a very pragmatic approach to the challenges we face in design. Ramil earned his bachelor’s degree in architecture and has been working on a variety of residential, commercial, and hospitality projects across the world.

He is as passionate in regards to sustainable design & historic preservation as he is about the science of architecture and the technicalities that the field entails!


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