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Pre-Design is a a general term for what we do before we start designing a building. This will include preliminary research on your part and ours. Once we have established the project scope, goals, budget, schedule, and the project team, we can move on to the Schematic Design Phase!

In the schematic design phase (SD phase) we discuss the project and any requirements provided by the owner. We typically do an analysis of the property which includes zoning and building code issues that may affect the development as well as a site analysis. Programming is also part of SD. Programming is when you as the owner provide us with a list of what spaces are going into the building. We then establish the size, location, and relationships between all the spaces.
The basic goal of SD is to develop the shape and size of the building with some basic design. We develop the general plan and basic exterior design in Schematic. During the SD phase, we figure out more or less how the building will look and operate. The SD phase typically has a great deal of sketching, lots of meetings with the clients, and basic design. It is overall the fun part for the clients. SD is where we are really doing the general design together, but not getting into deep detail. Once the basic design is locked down we will agree to proceed to the next phase of design: The Design Development!

In Design Development (DD) we will work together to select materials including interior finishes and products such as windows, doors, fixtures, appliances, etc… We would then revise the drawings with more specificity + detail than in Schematic Design. Engineering will commence on the structure, plumbing, electrical, heating/ventilation systems, energy analysis and any other project specific systems. At the end of design development, a good deal of product selection and systems design should be progressing. This phase concludes when the interior and exterior design of the building is locked in by you and us together!

In the construction document phase (CD phase), with the help of our engineering consultants we finalize all the technical design and engineering including structural engineering and detailing, heating air conditioning and ventilation systems, plumbing, electrical, gas, energy calculations, and all products and materials are selected and scheduled.
We put together multiple drawing sets including a permit set for approval from the Department Of Buildings and a separate set called the Issued For Construction or the IFC set. You do not need to submit a full CD set to the Department Of Buildings.

The Construction Administration phase of architectural services is the final phase. While this phase is the longest, it does not usually comprise the majority of our work. We do not supervise the project.
P A R A D I G M office will periodically visit the job site to see progress and ensure the contractor is following the drawings. If needed we can review contractor’s monthly invoices to confirm work completion. We will be available to answer questions and provide additional information to issues that arise. During this phase it is not uncommon that some additional services arise due to change orders.
P A R A D I G M office stays on the project until the the building is finished. Final inspections are all completed, and you as the owner have been able to obtain a Certificate of Occupancy.


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