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Bradley House


The Bradley House located at 6711 Bradley Blvd in Bethesda, Maryland is a 5,657sf house located on a 0.97 acre lot. The existing structure built in 1936, was found in dire need of renovations and upgrades both on its interior and exterior. The project scope was divided into three phases: interior upgrades, exterior upgrades and site design, and a two-story addition to the building. The interior upgrades included, but were not limited to, the removal of existing structural walls in order to enhance and improve both functionality & flow of the spaces specifically in the kitchen, living room, and dining room areas of the house. The exterior and site upgrades consisted of seamlessly replacing all existing windows, painting and/or replacing the existing siding with brick, along with the addition of architectural ornamentation that was in line with the existing language of the building, plus a new roof structure. Incorporating better outdoor connections between the pool area as well as the addition of a fire pit area, grilling & dining area, and an outdoor lounge across from the existing family room were a few more of the modifications made to the existing site and exterior of the property. The last area of improvements made to the house was the addition of a new four-car garage along with the addition of a new owners suite on the level above the garage. This addition was also designed to seamlessly integrate the existing and the new while at the same time bringing more balance to the overall appearance of the house.


Bethesda, MD


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